Castle Clash Tips to Fight Gunslinger in GWS (or Expeditions)

Trying to 100% a well-designed base that features Gunslinger in Guild Wars is a royal pain. If you want to have success, the first step is to understand the mechanics.

WarFlyer Battle Mechanics

Understand the battle mechanics first! Only with this understanding can you make the necessary adjustments to win.

Deflect Method

I have seen videos where a 5vite AC kills Gunslinger. If you have a 5vite AC, by all means, use it! You might even take out another hero or two in the process. Another possibility appears to be Michael, but in practice, I've never actually killed a Gunslinger with Michael only.

Rush Method

If Gunslinger is easy to reach, just deploy near her and keep trying until you magically get lucky. It's gws, so you have infinite tries. Always deploy a tank first.

Anubis Snipe Method

Since Anubis gets 3 revives and is very tanky, he's the ideal first hero to drop against a Gunslinger base. Assuming Gunslinger is far away and therefore must be sniped, your only chance is to live long enough to snipe her to death. Deploy Anubis alone with blitz scroll. Blitz is necessary to give him sufficient stun immunity to get his procs to work. Also give him Mini Ang to reduce the damage he receives. Consider bulwark crests or life drain crests. Once Anubis has been attacked at least once, I'm pretty certain all future WarFlyers will target him. Now deploy the rest of your snipe team far away from Anubis, preferably in multiple corners of the map. Consider using Cupid, Aries, and Warlock. Outside of this, I can't give more guidance because defensive bases vary.


If you aren't an endgamer, don't worry about top tier Gunslinger bases! You have to be incredibly powerful to beat them, so just skip them if you aren't making any headway.

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